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Monday, August 31, 2009

Multi-Tasking or Multi-Slacking?

My colleague and I are both social work PhD students in the same program here in Boston. In an effort to support each other and get some work done by holding each other accountable, we have gotten into the habit (PHEW!) of making time on Monday and Fridays to work on our schoolwork.

We're always chatting about how to be productive with our own to-do lists from hell. I use Remember the Milk to try and get organized and manage all the tasks that need to get done. Yet lately it seems there is always something to do and we both suffer from feelings of "how to get it ALL done?? and oh yeah, have a life...and exercise...and self-care...and...and..."

My friend has coined a new phrase for this mode called Multi-Slacking that I absolutely adore. Doesn't it just describe the feeling perfectly? And yet, how to get past it?

Readers, I'd love to get your feedback! Do you use technology to help manage or get things done? Or does information overload set in?

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  1. If its not on my blackberry calendar . . . it doesn't happen :)


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