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Monday, August 24, 2009

Motivational Interviewing

ANOTHER DEDICATED HOMEWORK DAY, and this one was a bit more successful than the last. I will get my bearings; I need to be patient with myself.

I had a doctor's appointment. While all the babies were delightfully distracting with their gurgling and cooing, I was able to do some intermittent reading. I read about Motivational Interviewing. I think I get the gist of it. It's client-centered and directive. It's used often with the ambivalent client, and often with substance abusers and others who don't readily see the pain they are causing others with their behavior. I find it fascinating that it can be so successful in brief doses. It can be a precursor for other theory-based treatment, also. And, it can be used, replaced and used again, with the same client. I still have more to read about it, and I am diggin' it.

I took my book into the Mexican restaurant at lunchtime and spilled salsa on the page that held the definition for Motivational Interviewing! The stain may bring back a great memory one day.

Then I was off to the eyeglass store where I picked out a new pair that will hopefully help me to transition from computer to textbook and back again.

I got in a bunch of exercise, too, which is helping me to manage the stress of all the unfamiliar stuff I'm doing these days. Leaving the comfort zone (job) I was in for 10 years is harder than I thought. Don't get me wrong: I don't miss it and I don't want to go back. It was a routine and now it's gone. Time will move me into this new place.

Tomorrow (hopefully), I will meet my field instructor for the first time. I start my rotation training in Investigations. Over the weekend, at a dinner party, I met a new friend who is a police officer. He often is dispatched to homes where children are removed, and he meets the social worker(s) at the scene. We talked about our roles and I left with his business card. There's a good chance that I will see him on the job. It was a serendipitous evening and I love how life works out that way.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. How did it go? I'm quite happy with the theory....


  2. Yes!  Motivational Interviewing is a wonderful way to help others decide if, when and how they will change their behavior.  Sounds like you're planning to work in some area of criminal justice, and MI is being used extensively in CJ.  Contact me for more info on MI; I'm an MI trainer and expert.  ellen@trainingwithdrellen.com


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