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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do the deal

I AM EXHAUSTED. And I want to stay the "blog course," so I will post before I hit the sheets.

What happened today at field? My instructor is on vacation, so I am helping out wherever I am needed. I spent most of the day removing data from charts to either be shredded or placed in another file. The cases involved allegations of child abuse and I read some of the notes to prepare myself for my training in CPS/Investigation.

I want to be very mindful of confidentiality with this blog, and I also want to share my experience, so I will try always to give the general idea without revealing many details.

One of the charts involved a child who had been beaten by a parent with a belt (the buckle's harsh contact with the youngster's skin did the damage). While changing clothing for a field trip at school, a teacher had noticed the marks on the child's body. As a mandated reporter, the teacher made the report.

When the parent was interviewed, they put their head in their hands and stated they couldn't imagine who would call CPS. The child said their parent only hit them when they were "bad."

Another chart revealed the case of a parent leaving multiple children (all under the age of seven) alone for days in a home with rotted food, many kitchen knives scattered throughout the rooms, and filth from ceiling to floor. A frantic dog was tethered on a balcony that the children had access to.

These cases were from several years ago and have long been closed. What I know is that I am about to witness less worse -- and much worse. I will head out into the field next week when my instructor returns from a week of well-deserved rest and relaxation.

My hope is for the strength to accept whatever situation is presented to me in the days to come. I aim to be an instrument of peace and love. Each day I will ask to be guided in speech and deed. I fully intend to be led by my instructors ~ and the Highest Teacher of all.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. Now this blog is what social work is really all about in my opinion, I do not hear the ego talking, I hear your heart talking.

  2. <span style=" color: #3a3a3a; line-height: 16px;"> <span style="padding-top: 4px;">I look forward to hearing about up the ups and downs with your new internship. I am starting my first internship mid-September at a child welfare org. that focuses on adopting/fostering abused/neglected children. It is my very first experience in Social Work and I am both excited and nervous!</span></span>

  3. I really enjoy reading about your experiences in field internship. I love

    the fact that you are connected to the one source that will provide strength, courage and peace that surpass all understanding. O:-)


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