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Monday, September 21, 2009

Wear the world as a loose garment

SO THERE I WAS, WORKING ON MY TAKE-HOME MID-TERM EXAM, and in the midst of it, I was reminded of a meditation verse from many years past. So I Googled the words I could remember and I found a beautiful treasure:

"I must live in the world and yet live apart with God.
I can go forth from my secret times of communion with God
to the work of the world.
To get the spiritual strength I need,
my inner life must be lived apart from the world.
I must wear the world as a loose garment.
Nothing in the world should seriously upset me,
as long as my inner life is lived with God." (Richmond Walker, 1948)

~Ms. T. J.

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  1. published in the "Twenty-Four Hours a Day" book from Hazelden. March 29th


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