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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Double happiness

SOMETIMES I HIT THE WALL. It takes a long time, and my wall is probably similar to some peoples' walls and different from others'. I usually hit it after too many late nights of study, topped off with trying to do too many other housework-related and/or work-related tasks.

I hit one today at 5 p.m. as I left my field practicum.

So, instead of heading to the public library to do more of the same, I turned my car around and headed to the downtown Farmer's Market where I collected hugs, free tomatoes, a too-fresh peach, a bag of just-picked green beans, a lavender cupcake, and a $5 dollar necklace with an inscription carved on it that I was told means "double happiness" (I'll take two).

As I walked out of the tented market (no walls to hit there), I smiled as I dropped a dollar bill in the musician's guitar case.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. Wish you have felt re-freshed now. Just want to tell you, yes, the Chinese word's meaning is, there are "double happiness." however, it is only used in merriage. For one family, there is a happiness. And for the other family, there is another happiness. Therefore, there are two happiness in total. That is the underlying logic of this word.

  2. Thank you so much for the information. I learned somehing new because of you.

    ~Ms. T. J.

  3. Hi:

    Just like to know how to stay happy and energetic about the work we do.


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