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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Comic relief

TONIGHT MY HUSBAND AND I were given a lovely gift: two tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld. I laughed. A lot. And it felt really great to throw my head back and chuckle, and to watch my husband do the same.

I could write about how it felt to walk into my newly assigned office (with a window) at my internship this morning [it felt great]; or how it felt to sit in the courtroom this afternoon and watch the mom I've been blogging about as she spoke from her heart, telling the judge that this is the high point of her life, even though she's in jail and her baby is in foster care because she is sober and wants her baby and will fight for her [to say I was deeply touched is an understatement]; or I could write about my uneasiness when the foster parent was saying not-so-compassionate words about the birth mom [I was concerned about her].

Instead, I will let it all go for now and acknowledge that I have a life outside of my internship, my future career. I can care like the dickens for clients, and still choose to get away from it all and laugh with friends ~ and Jerry Seinfeld.

~Ms. T. J.

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  1. it is good that you found an outlet to seperate the personal and professional. i think that is one key to success (and sanity!) for a social worker!


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