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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mid-terms and long walks

I THINK I AM ONTO SOMETHING HERE. Movement is a good thing. Sitting for too long is not. On Mondays, I have been "playing" for a major portion of the day. By playing, I mean not studying, working on school work or attending any school-related activity. This morning a friend and I walked through a city park and kept walking until we reached the edge of downtown. Then we turned around and came back.

I live in a tourist town, and I don't always take advantage of the very sights and sounds that people come here to experience. No more, I say! I, too, will wander through the beautiful streets of my town and breathe in this city that is so very naturally green.

And you know what? When I returned to my school desk in the middle of the day, I was able to pound out my second mid-term assignment in no time. My mind was clear and my body was awake.

So, it only took me half a lifetime to figure this out; it's also taken me that long to know I wanted to be a social worker. I am on a roll!

~Ms. T. J.

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