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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

two papers, two mid-terms and two presentations in two weeks


Yep. It's true. When I write it and look at it, it seems impossible. I have to do all of that in less than two weeks. Of course when you work full time and have 20 hours of field practice, it's not weeks you have to work with, but rather days. Hours, really.

Can I do it? Yes. Does it seem daunting? Yes.

What's my game plan?

1. Finish the first presentation for this coming Tuesday within the next day or two.
2. Devote the rest of the time to my policy paper that is also due this Tuesday.
3. Then start on my theory integration paper which is due on the 28th.

The final exams?
1. The one that will be this coming Tuesday, I'll have to just pray and hope to do well (seriously). I can't study and prepare a presentation and write a paper.
2. The other exam? I will study for that after I finish my theory integration paper.

The final presentation?
The date has not been determined. I am not going to worry about it (she says, but no one believes her!)

You may be wondering if this could have been done any other way. The answer, for me: Nope.

Send me all your prayers and highest thoughts, please. I will return the favor, I promise, by becoming an amazing social worker.

--Ms. T. J.


  1. Good luck. I am walking in the same path. And not to mention--falling behind on so, so many process recordings. I hope that's not an added worry for you

  2. Anon-

    Nope. We did have one assignment on process recordings earlier in the semester. Tell me more about what you have to do with (so, so many)of those.

    You know, I think I've gone beyond worry into some strange acceptance mode. It's getting curiouser and curiouser!

    Hang in there, okay? It's good to know there are many of us in the same boat. I have a sneaky feeling we will be just fine!

    --Ms. T. J.