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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The home stretch!

Okay, everybody! I just finished my BIG policy paper assignment and I completed my power-point chapter presentation a few days ago.

I feel like I have climbed a mountain, or achieved something really monumental.

I am exhausted, yet I am sort of savoring this feeling -- this "spent-ness," if you will. I almost feel like I could cry ... or laugh maniacally!

But, hey, I can still make a sandwich, so I must be okay.

What the what, you ask?

Let me explain. Many years ago, a dear, and particularly bright friend of mine told me that a professor told her MSW class that as long as you can make yourself a bologna sandwich (and she said bologna, so you know how long ago that was --when bologna was acceptable meat!), you are okay. But, if the day comes when you can't make yourself that sandwich, you are probably in need of in-patient mental health treatment.

I have never forgotten that, and I probably shouldn't admit this to you, but there have been days this semester when I've thought, "Can I still make a bologna sandwich?" I couldn't, but it was only because I don't eat bologna. I could, however make myself an avocado and tomato, a turkey, or a PB and J sandwich!

So, before I head off to bed, I am taking a moment to pat myself on the back for the work I've done today. I don't do that enough. You probably don't either, do you? I will if you will!

Just one more paper, a field journal, two exams, and a presentation to go...

--Ms. T. J.


  1. Congratulations! Mazel tov! Yea, TJ! It's always a great feeling to cross things off your "to-do" list, especially major accomplishments.

  2. I understand perfectly how you feel; it hasn't been that long since I was there (BSW at 65 years old). Congratulations and extend that good feeling as long as you can, T.J. You deserve it. Kay Long