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Friday, April 10, 2009

The paper

DID YA EVER have the paper? You know the paper? The one that seems impossible to write and even harder of which to grasp the focus ?

I had one of those recently. I did all the research and put together a decent paper, it just felt like the hardest thing I ever had to do -- all the way up until the end.

It might be the topic, or the lack of clear directions, or, it might just be me. Sometimes I am not going to "get it." And, you know, sometimes it's okay to "not figure it out." That is hard for me. I am the type of person who wants to understand entire processes. I am often "on a need to know" mission. And, it often bites me in the posterior!

So, I did the task for task's sake (that's my new motto, BTW: Do the task for the task's sake) and when I got to class, guess what? My professor, who had clearly been assaulted by requests and questions from my classmates, proclaimed: "You can hand it in today as one of two parts (the initial assignment), or you can hand it in next week as one paper with two parts."

UGH. Grrr ... there are no words.

I shall finish this task for task's sake and be very glad when it's over!

--Ms. T. J.


  1. You guys might get a lot more subscriptions if your RSS feed wasn't truncated. The RSS feeds just shows links to titles, dragging the RSS reader back to the blog page, which defeats the purpose of syndicated reading. Could you please update this to allow syndication of full posts? I'm going to unsubscribe soon if the RSS feed continues to lack any entry text. :\

  2. I am working on one like that right now!

  3. Ah, I had one of those. I struggled so much with the basics of what the paper was about. It was so frustrating. In the end, I did well, but I still can't explain how to write that specific paper...

    And I agree with "blog". I subscribe to the feed, and would like to be able to read the whole post in my reader. If I'm interested enough in the topic, I'll click over to read the comments. Having to do it every time is kind of annoying.

  4. Thank you for your comment about the RSS feeds and truncation. I was unaware of this. My editor, Linda, does a great job with this site, so I'm sure she will look into this issue.

    Thanks for subscribing to our site.

    --Ms. T. J.

  5. Blog and antiSWer--Yes, thanks for bringing this up. I will look at the settings for the RSS feed and see what we can do.

    TJ--Some tasks are just like that..."get them done and move on"-type assignments.


  6. Hi there. i have one of those papers right now. I've struggled and struggled and have managed to get an extension but I'm now avoiding the thing.

    Your new motto is a good one and I think I should follow it.