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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it possible?

I've been stuck all day.

This morning I had to wait for almost an hour at the doctor's office. Then, once I got into the exam room, I had to wait another 20 minutes. After I saw the doctor, I waited a good 15 minutes to get my samples, prescriptions, etc.

Now, I am at my field practicum and I have been waiting for my instructor. For an hour and a half.

Interesting. I did not bring any school books with me. I don't have work from my day job that I can do away from the office. I've got nothing to do and no where to go, and I can hardly stand it!

This semester I have been running from one place to another, trying to get everything done at home, school, field practice and work. Finding an extra moment for me has been a challenge. I have had to schedule things I never imaged I would have to schedule.

Yesterday, during meditation, I dreamed about having nothing to do; about not being on a schedule; about not paying attention to anything but my breath. Am I getting an instant universal gift? And has it been divinely orchestrated so that I have nothing to do.

Hmmm .... guess I'll have to re-learn how to goof off when all this is said and done, huh?

--Ms. T. J.


  1. Hi I agree with your post.... I am on my first semester in college and I question everyday where has all the hours of the day gone? Time for me? whats that? lol

  2. wow...Life can through a lot at us,but I also see that you've taken time for mediatation which I feel is important. I believe it is there that reflection, rest, and rejuvination can begin. Thank you for sharing. As a college student as well, I can see some me through the experience you've just described and prehaps meditation might be something I can try.

  3. Even if it isn't a divine gift, take it as one! Doing nothing is wonderful. I can't wait to be able to not do stuff again.