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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Social Work Month!

Today is the first day of National Social Work Month 2009! Give a big pat on the back to social workers, social work students, and social work educators everywhere! Let us know what you are doing to celebrate. If you send me a photo of your Social Work Month celebration, I might even put it in the next issue of The New Social Worker. Send photos to linda.grobman@paonline.com.


  1. I've never heard of Social Worker Month? Does it involve getting/giving presents? I can put an order in for chocolate..

  2. CB, March is designated as Social Work Month in the U.S. It can involved getting and giving presents if you want it to! Many social work agencies and organizations also celebrate it by having special events during the month, giving social work awards, and so forth. Chocolate sounds good...

  3. Thanks for the explanation. We should promote it over here too!

  4. In honor of National Social Work Month, Becky Riney, an Alive Hospice social worker and blogger, recently shared some thoughts about why she loves her job as a social worker over at the Alive Hospice Blog. She also invited several of her colleagues to share their thoughts, too, and compiled them into a great entry of heartfelt musings!

    Check them out! Leave a comment! http://alivehospice.org/blog/category/emotional-support/