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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You may have noticed a new name under "Contributors" on this blog. Karen Zgoda, who is a social work doctoral candidate at Boston College, will be writing our new SW 2.0 column and will be posting here on tech topics for social workers. I am very happy to have Karen on board! Look for her postings soon.


  1. Welcome Karen! Social workers need up to date information on technology for practice, education, policy, and all the other things we do as social workers. I look forward to reading your blog. Jonathan

  2. Karen - I'm looking forward to reading your SW 2.0 blog. Linda, thanks for including this feature on your blog. Best, Jonathan

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome Linda and Jonathan! I'm looking forward to profiling how social workers are using technology to enhance practice. If you have suggestions or column ideas I'd love to hear them!