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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pure Clover Honey and Tulsi Tea


I was at my internship and I was thinking "I have to know everything about everything (adoption and initial placement)," and I could hardly breathe, and I was trying to finish my training modules, and I was worried because I couldn't find my mentor, and I wasn't hungry, and I was famished, and I was irritable.

Then at dinner with my husband I ran into my Title IV-E coordinator who told me the exam for training would be next week (ACK!), and I felt like I was over-eating, and the restaurant was noisy, and my sweet husband was patient, and he told me I looked wonderful.

We went to a favorite store, and found the outdoor chairs we've been seeking for our "shelter house" he built in the backyard, and there were so many beautiful seat cushions, and we learned that there would be a 25 per cent off sale on Thursday, and we were excited.

We came home, and I brewed myself a cup of Tulsi tea (red mango, caffeine free, organic, abundant in rooibos and antioxidants). It is called the "Queen of Herbs" --revered throughout India as sacred, and infused with healing power that "relieves the body's negative reaction to stress."

I added pure clover honey (straight from the honey bear) and suddenly I feel better! I worked on my family intervention analysis paper and I really think the tea helped me...

These are the days
~Ms. T. J.

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  1. I start Grad school in the fall; MSW. I'm so excited and so glad I found your blog.