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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The FINAL final

THIS IS IT. The end of this adventure. My last final exam ever in grad school. Can I just say my will to study has left me. I'm all set up: I've got the flashcards and books in front of me. The flashcards are empty. The books are closed.

I need to study, but my mind and body are rebelling. School's out, and the internship is over. Why should I have to study for a dang test?

So, I'll post on my blog instead.

Someone asked what was the hardest part of graduate school. I should have told them to read my posts. It's all right here: the triumphs, the tough times, the days I wanted to give up, and the events that made it all worthwhile.

So, send me your best study energy, or give me a hard time about being slack at the very end. Let me know you are out there--doing this deal, or thinking about it. That way I can read your comments and NOT study some more!

~Ms. T. J. (who is going to start right now!)


  1. Hi T.J.,
    I have followed your journey (via your blog) for so long... I can't help feeling joy over your accomplishments!

    I have felt those exact same feelings at the end of a semester... and I'm only working on my BSW right now!! LOL!  Gives me more to look forward to when I go for the MSW!?!

    The only way I get going again is to give myself a good dose of cognitive behavioral self-talk... look at the goal... then go for it.  You can still enjoy the journey - even though you're almost home! :o)

    And thank you for sharing your journey with us.  It is inspiring and reassuring for those of us just getting started! 

  2. lmerchant@verizon.netApril 27, 2010 at 9:54 PM

    i completly agree as I sit here trying to write my last paper! It is weird to think it is almost over - but you have worked so hard so far...so keep pushing thorugh!

  3. Go TJ, go TJ! I would stick a fork into you, but I know you are done :-D

    Give yourself a tea break (or maybe a bit of a walk) and then get back to it. You can't quit now! (Though I do understand your desire!)

    Now quit reading comments and get back to work! :-P