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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winding down

I'M SURE MOST OF YOU are winding down for the fall semester. That's not to say we don't have a lot of work to do before it's all over. But there's something about nearing the end of a semester that brings relief -- no matter how fleeting.

It's hard to believe that after this one, I will only have one more semester to go before graduation. And then again, it can't come too soon! I have to admit that I will miss it when it's over. I won't miss the unforgiving deadlines, or the class lectures that I thought would never end (you know what I am talking about!)

What will I miss? Laughing with my cohort, packing my book bag, sitting among smart people (for the most part), and working really hard on something and being rewarded for it with a great mark.

I guess I should come back to the moment and do the next right thing. It's not over yet!

So, what will you miss when it's all over but for the shouting (and tossing of your graduation cap)?

~Ms. T. J.


  1. I'm going to miss lunch with my classmates.  We do all-day saturday classes or a morning class and afternoon class.  So between the morning class and the afternoon class we go to lunch at the student union.  And sit together and talk about life and classes and internship.

    But I do look forward to the end of the semester.  I've got 2 more Saturdays of classes -- next week, and then Dec. 5.  Then break until Jan!

  2. I will miss the actual learning process. I am one who loves lectures, but hate the tests and papers. I have a year and a half left for my BSW.

  3. I am going to miss my SW family. Sundays dont seem to bad knowing that I get to see my friends all day Sunday morning. Another aspect of MSW that I am going to miss is the learning environment. I really miss it during semester break. I feel so stimulated and charged when I am in classes and I am really going to miss that feeling come May.

  4. I will miss connecting with all the interesting and wonderful people in my cohort.  The lunch time talks are great too. I am so thanful fo my classmates support!  I won't miss running up the 4 flights of stairs to get computer paper for the social work computer lab from the social work department!  I will graduate Aug. 2010.

  5. I'm new to your blog. I'm a psychology student (a middle aged psychology student, actually). I'm looking forward to the end of this semester, mostly because of 2 classes. The other 2 classes, I will miss. But I'm already looking forward to next semester.

    I'm so far from my BS degree, I can't even start to let myself think about that! (about 2 years...give or take a lifetime or two)

  6. Willow-

    It feels like a lifetime, really it does, and then before you know it ~ it's almost over!

    Hang in there. We all feel your pain, AND joy!

    ~Ms. T. J.

  7. You can do it!  Make sure to reward yourself now and then.  I reward myself by meeting a friend for lunch, going to a movie or treating myself to some cheescake!