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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer School 2009

I have two classes this summer in an accelerated, six-week time frame. One class is on Friday, from 8 a.m.-2 p.m., and the other is on Saturday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

While it is an amazingly fast way to take care of two required courses, it is also a "zany-busy" way to accomplish the task.

Both classes are quite interesting, and both professors are very passionate about teaching. That is a great thing.

We have already passed the mid-term point, so we are over the "hump," so to speak. Now the tests and assignments are kicking in. I have been working in a group to accomplish the first assignment in one class, and my professor from the other class e-mailed our midterm, take-home exam today.

I am feeling okay, so far. I get anxious when I have to depend on others for a graded assignment. I am trying to let that go. I did my part, and that's all I can do.

As far as the take-home exam goes, I will do my best to follow the directions from my prof. "Give them what they ask for, and add a bit more," is my motto.

Wish me luck. And I'd love to hear about your summer classes -- past and/or present.

--Ms. T. J.


  1. Wow. Your classes don't sound so bad! I'm almost finished with one 6-week course which has been very easy. However, I'm about to start one that terrifies me. We meet 2 Saturdays only, a month a part. In between those 2 Saturdays, we have big writing assignments to turn in one week apart (community assessment, grant proposal [which I am freaking out over] and a paper on a social movement). Plus, we need to have read 6 to 8 chapters for the exam during the 2nd class. I'm a slow writer so I've done my best to get ahead in this, as far as research, etc. Writing a quality, graduate-level paper in a week, for me, is a joke!

  2. I'm taking 2 classes myself but one after another.  5 weeks of Administratrative skills and then 5 weeks of Evaluation Research.  I've had 2 Admin classes so far and our first paper is due Monday.  Class is Saturdays but the prof decided she didn't want us all to come late to class on saturdays and sit there unconcsious because our papers were due and we stayed up all night.  What a thought!  So papers are due monday after so we can ask questions about them in class and finish them Sunday.  Pretty cool!
    I'm a bit nervous about the Research class for 2 reasons.  1. there's 28 people signed up.  I've never had a summer class with more than 10.  28 people smashed into a room for a 5 week class seems like a lot.  and 2. I tested out of the first research class by cramming and forcing my brain to remember research methods and statistics from undergrad 10 years ago.  So I'm a tad afraid that the test was a fluke and it won't be fresh enough for me.  But from what I understand the focus of this research class is to evaluate research papers for use in your practice.  It starts in July so I've got some time!

  3. TJ, it sounds as if things are going well.  You're over the hump...I know you can do it!  I know what you mean about group projects.  Isn't it easier to do things yourself and know that you have done them to your own standards?  Of course, that's exactly the point!  Undoubtedly, there will be group projects when you are in the "real world" of social work.  You can do this, too!

  4. I didn't hear anyone mention that they have two jobs and children as well. Just when you think you are "overwhelmed", be sure to think about those that are single parents raising young children and having to take on the same assignments as the rest of the cohort. I thought I was overwhelmed because I have two small girls that require alot of attention, as children do, but then the student next to me has four young boys, so I didn't feel so overwhelmed when I heard of her situation. Just something to think about

  5. No I don't have children or 2 jobs.  I do have one part time job (working as a System Administrator for an IT consulting firm) that can lead to weird hours based on client needs. I also volunteer for the Red Cross and am on-call for them 1 week each month.  And I do have a husband and other family demanding my attention.  I'm quite honestly glad that I didn't tackle this degree with children at this point in my life because I don't think I could handle it.  I took the part-time program to ensure I had the most flexibility time-wise for my studies and my job.  I look at my classmates with children and full-time jobs and can't imagine how they cope.
    So, guest, I don't quite understand your situation but know that I'm doing what works for me as best as I can.

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