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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One more final -- then bliss...

LAST NIGHT, I put the last sentences on my 10-page take-home final for Mental Health Class. Wednesday afternoon I will sit for my last final exam. That will be the conclusion of an accelerated 6-weeks of summer school.

The cool thing about summer school is getting 6 required credits under my belt. The not-so-cool thing is the intensity of the work.

Now it's almost behind me, and then, a blissful month of summer awaits me. I'm dreaming of the beach and my bicycle and watching movies and maybe reading some good fiction. I hope to relax, get some regular sleep, exercise more and eat healthier.

Maybe I'll take a road trip or two with my husband, and I'd like to take some long walks with my dog.

I've said this many times and it bears repeating: If I can do graduate school, I can do anything!

--Ms. T. J.


  1. Yes, you can do it!  And you are doing it!  Enjoy your break, TJ!

  2. Great Job that you are now completing your summer courses :) !!!

    I read your story in the New Social Worker today and then thought I would check on the blog.  I am currently in the process and cram session to decide what I am going to do about my current job as I feel it will be too much to handle. 

    It is so hard to wonder if I should quit work and try to find something with maybe 10 to 15 hours a week verses 25.  I will have internship and about 5 classes next semester and do not know how I will pull a 25 work week on top of it all!  Decisions, decisions...however the benefits of my current job and tuition assistance really hold me back on cutting my work hours.  Ahh balance!

  3. Grats TJ!  I turned in my final paper for my first of 2 summer classes last tuesday and immediately declared myself on vacation until July 11th!  Then I take another one!  I've been filling my eves with catching up on TV and reading non-social work books.  My husband and I took a weekend-away trip for the 4th as well to celebrate my freedom from school, no matter how brief.  Its amazing how quickly it flies though!

    Enjloy your break, refresh your soul!