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Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Social Work Month 2013!

Happy Social Work Month, everyone! THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER is celebrating Social Work Month this year by posting inspiring stories of social work on our site.  You can read the first installment, "Why I Love Being a Social Worker," here.

We will post more stories throughout the month. You can follow these by going to our main page and scrolling down to the section, "Social Work Month 2013."

For more information on Social Work Month, check out NASW's Social Work Month page. This year's theme is "Resilience Weaving Advocacy."

There is still time to send in your story to be posted on THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER's site! Send 300-500 words to Linda Grobman, editor, for consideration.

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  1. i am completely impressed with your magazine innovation because it will help social workers of India to carry on their social work services for the peoples of india