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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer break

SINCE SUMMER SCHOOL ENDED, it has been difficult for me to relax.

Spring semester, with work, classes, and field practice really did a number on me. When the accelerated summer session piggybacked it, I felt burnt to a crispy fried crunch. Add two deaths on the same day, and, well, I guess it makes sense why I can't seem to turn it off.

Last week I interviewed for my field placement with the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). I am impressed with the people and the place. The building is new and the space is inviting. I will begin my second year of field placement on August 17.

I am currently researching insurance companies. If you have a private policy that you are pleased with, do share! Also, if there are insurance policies for grad students that you know about, please tell me about that, too. I am sure I am not alone in needing this info. I have been employed all of my adult life, and I have always had insurance through my employers. I don't want to be uninsured -- even if it's just for 10 months.

My husband planned a getaway for last weekend. We stayed in a bustling city for several days. We didn't make a lot of plans; we sort of let the spirit move us. We dined on the rooftop of a French restaurant. We walked hilly sidewalks in the city proper and window-shopped. On the way home, I drove for several hours while my husband slept beside me, and the peacefulness of those moments made me happy.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. Despite your inability to "turn it off" it appears as if you are in a great place.  While reading your blogs, I have noted the passion and detication you feel towards the common good of others.  During my years as a child welfare social worker you often lose that drive due to the constant negative and grasp at any positive you can find.  I appreciate your detication and up beat nature! 

  2. Sounds like you and I have a lot in common TJ!  I had the July 4th weekend off from summer school -- with Saturday classes having a weekend off is extremely exciting -- so my husband and I went to DC and did what we call "hotel camping".  Find a cozy hotel room, and read and relax and veg and leave if you feel it or order room service if you don't!

    Doesn't your school provide insurance to grad students?  My school does and I have to waive it each semester or it is automatically added to my tuition since i'm covered under my husband's insurance.

  3. I enjoy reading this blog immensely, I have finished my first year of studies in the social work field and what a task that was... I had been out of school for 26 years!
    I can relate to the "time off", I seem to find things that do not allow me to take some quality time off. This month it's a move and work full time for two weeks while the boss is away on holiday. I do fully intend to have the better part of August off before we go back to classes on the 31st.
    I view my educational journey as an opportunity to not only learn but to give back to others in life. I cannot think of a more rewarding yet heartbreaking career than that of a social worker.