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Friday, July 17, 2009

Calling All Bloggers!

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Do you write a social work blog? Do you regularly read social work blogs? (hint: you are reading one right now :) If so I'd love to interview you! My next article will focus on how social workers use blogs, what you think of them, etc. If you'd like to give your opinion please email me at karen[at]karenzgoda.org.

Spread the word - please tell your colleagues!


  1. I both write and read social work blogs - I'd be happy to contribute. :)

  2. I'm attempting to write my own SW blog with the urging of my field instructor from last year who believes highly in journaling (he actually requires all of his students start a blog for his SW 101 BSW class).  I'd be willing to contribute and/or get you in touch with him.

  3. Wow!  It's great that so many social work bloggers are responding to Karen's request.  To be interviewed, please contact Karen at the e-mail address she listed in her post, and let her know how she can contact you via e-mail.  Thanks!

    Linda (The Editor)

  4. I have a soical work blog that can be found here www.socialworkerdiana.com I have been in the field for 10 years now and love my work.

  5. I work in Mental Health and IDD, in Texas. I am an LBSW but working on my masters in counseling. I have a blog at http://www.stopdivorcepoison.com

    Would love to contribute!