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Friday, December 30, 2011

Is it 2012 Already?!

A year ago, I was asked to be the 2011 blogger. Although the writer in me loved the idea, the new professional was admittedly terrified. I wasn't sure I'd have enough to write about, that I'd be self-aware enough to recognize my mistakes, and that I would be brave enough to admit to them so publicly.

And somehow, approximately 50 posts later, here we are. This blog has given me a space to share the experiences I've had in my first year post-MSW, it's allowed me a forum to express my NASW-aligned beliefs, it's presented me the opportunity to ask you all for advice, and it's forced me to reexamine so many of the things I thought I knew.

In the year of weekly blog posts, I've earned my LMSW, watched marriage equality pass in NY, lost my first job due to restructuring, and have become increasingly aware of how important the social work community is, in all its incarnations.

The latest edition of The New Social Worker Magazine has just come out, in which I've shared my New Year's Resolutions. I hope they will encourage you to make your own and to begin and live your 2012 in the best possible light.

More though, I hope you know how important you've all been as I've chronicled my past year here. Some of you have commented, some of you have emailed privately, some of you have simply clicked to let me know when you've found something cool, interesting and/or funny. Regardless, you've been participants in my life. You've taken moments from your own busy schedules to peek into my world and for that, I am both incredibly humbled and unspeakably grateful.

In Social Work Solidarity, Your 2011 Blogger, Kryss


  1. Kryss, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your experiences, your views, and your journey with us.  I wish you all the best in 2012!  For those who are wondering, you can read Kryss's resolutions here.

  2. Hi,
    I'm very new to this as today is the first time I've come across this page. I graduated with the MSW program 2 years ago and I haven't taken my licensed exam as of yet. I plan to do so by March the lastest. Any pointers to help me past? Also, is there such a thing as loan forgiveness for social workers that is currently in affect? I spend almost $500 a month in repaying my loans and it is killer. HElp :(

  3. I have to take my exam, and I took it twice before. I missed it by  seven points the first time around and missed it by one point second time aound. I plan to test in early March because this is when the expiration date is up. 

  4. I am currently earning BSW and will graduate in May 2014 and plan to go on into the Masters program when I complete my Bachelors.  I am being hammered by my family as to what kind of jobs will be out there for my profession.  I checked out a job search site and there were limited jobs listed in the city that I live in.  Please will there be any jobs available for me when I am done ...I do not want to waste my time in school and then I can not find a job when I am finished...Almost Discouraged

  5. Kimle,
    We published an article in THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER about the BSW job market.  The article was published in 1996; however, I believe the information is still applicable today. You can read this article at:

    One thing in the article to keep in mind is that jobs at the BSW level may be listed under job titles other than "social worker."  Read the article for more about what job titles to search for and other tips.