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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dual Degrees

I've been hearing lately that more and more social workers either return to school for a degree in another field or earn dual degrees (such as MSW/JD program -Masters of Social Work and Law degrees).

Any thoughts or experiences with such? Do you think this is awful because we may lose social workers to other fields or does the social work background enhance those other fields? Have YOU done this?


  1. Hi! I'm a recent graduate and newly licensed social worker in Maryland. It's funny that you mention this topic, because I have been considering it myself. I have always been interested in public health, and hope to pursue education in this sector of the field as well. I feel like being educated in public health will enhance my skills in serving and helping others, while I can also bring my skills to the table in that field, spreading the love. This is just my opinion of course. Thank you so much for asking this question, because I am looking forward to hearing others respond. 

  2. I think you will find more people with the dual degree or dual licensure. I currently have a MSW, MA Counseling, and a MDiv degree. I think you will see more people with dual licensures like LICSW and LADC in the coming years. Given the trend in dual diagnosis the mental health and addiction fields are a growing area.

  3. Gabby, are you considering going back to school for these?  "Guest," did you earn these degrees simultaneously?  How do you feel the combination benefits clients who come to you for one of those sides?

  4. Hi Kryss,
    Sorry I took so long to respond! Yes, the MPH has been part of my educational plan for some time now. For me, I want the specific education in public health (the art and science of preventing disease and promoting health) and hope to use this to enhance my social work skills in the field. I feel like the two can work well together. At a couple of the schools here in Maryland, there are MSW/MPH programs, but I chose to do a sole MSW program in DC instead.

    What is your experience with people who have the dual degrees (MSW/MPH, MSW/JD)?