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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer 2011 Issue of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER Magazine Available Now!

Happy Summer 2011! Congratulations to all new social work graduates! The digital edition of the Summer 2011 issue of The New Social Worker magazine is now ready to download. It is available, free of charge, in PDF format, directly from The New Social Worker Web site.

To download the Summer 2011 issue, go to:

Then click on "Download." If the file opens in your Web browser, just click on "Save a Copy" or "File>Save Page as" and save the file to a location on your computer's hard drive.

If you have difficulty with the above link, here is another download link:

Articles from this issue are also available on our Web site (http://www.socialworker.com) in Web format.

Also, don't forget that THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER is now available in a full-color, high quality PRINT edition! If you love the feeling of holding your very own print copy of your magazine in your hands, you can purchase print copies of this issue and previous issues from:

Here are some highlights from this issue:

• Student Role Model: Cristen Cravath (in PDF version only)

• Ethics: Must I Un-Friend Facebook?

• Field Placement: Making the Workplace (or Field Placement) Work For You

• Featured Article: Peace Corps Master's International Program

• Tips for Making Home Visits in Child Welfare

• Understanding Care Coordination

• Beyond Housing

• Turtles

• SW 2.0: I Want You To Be Part of This Experience: Kickstarter

• Congrats to Recent Social Work Grads!

• Kryss Meets Career: 10 Things I've Learned in My First Post-MSW Job

• Book Reviews

...and more!

Did you know that when you read THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER in PDF format on your computer, you can click through to items as you read about them? Most URLs and e-mail addresses throughout the magazine are clickable. Give it a try!

Please visit our advertisers for this issue of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER. They are:
• Temple University Harrisburg—http://www.temple.edu/harrisburg
• Child Welfare Information Gateway—http://www.childwelfare.gov
• Erikson Institute—http://www.erikson.edu/dualdegree
• USC School of Social Work—http://msw.usc.edu/newsocialworker
• Licensure Exams Inc.—http://socialworkexam.com

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