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Friday, January 14, 2011


As this is my first post in the NSWO Blog, I thought it best to introduce myself since, well, you'll be hearing a lot about me (and I hope you'll comment and share about yourself).

Quite honestly, I never really know what to say when I'm in a room of people and it's time for introductions. As a woman in my late 20s, I'm still getting used to being a "woman" instead of a "girl," and being called "ma'am" instead of "miss."

When meeting for the first time, people often ask what a person does. That's also tricky for me. What do I do? I spoil my dog, I sleep in late whenever possible, I eat too much junk food (sorry for ignoring you, food pyramid, but pizza is just so so good!), I love watching People's Court and Golden Girls, I love to write, and I sing in the shower. That's honestly what I do.

If you want to know who I am, however, I suppose that's really where my role as a social worker emerges. I am an advocate for those whose voices aren't yet strong enough to speak up. I am an activist who marches on Washington and stands daily for equality. I am a person who calls her congressperson to urge him/her to vote the way I believe is right for the greater good. I am a person who gives charity donations in someone's name for holiday gifts.

As a profession, I am a recently graduated MSW, the third generation of such (a cousin in my Grandma's generation finished her MSW in the early 1950s and one in my parents' earned hers in the early 1990s, mine was conferred in 2010). I have been a staff member for socialworkchat.org since before beginning my MSW program, where I run the student board and I guest host, sometimes guest speak. I'm a book reviewer original piece writer for The New Social Worker Magazine. And, as of 3 months ago, I am the Program Director of a senior citizen's program in Astoria, NY (Queens/NYC). That means I'm also the supervisor for staff members and I attend meetings in places like the Empire State Building.

And that brings me to why I'm here, writing this blog. I've been asked to chronicle my journey through the beginnings of my post-MSW life. The first piece of this was published in the Winter, 2011 edition (http://www.socialworker.com/digitalmag/winter2011.pdf pg 32).

I am very excited to share my life with all of you and I do hope you'll comment and share your thoughts with me... I apologize a bit in advance for the times I'll likely make you wonder what I was thinking, but I promise, I'll write as honestly as possible about all of the successes and missteps along the way as I stumble through my first year as a professional social worker.



  1. Kryss, welcome to our blog, and thank you for sharing your introduction with us! It will be interesting to see your journey through the first stages of your social work career.  For those who would like to read Kryss' article in the Winter issue of The New Social Worker, see:
    or download the full issue in PDF format at the link Kryss provided.

  2. Hey Kryss, nice to meet you. Congratulations on your new job and your new hobby (blog writing). Look forward to hearing/reading way more about you.