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Monday, July 19, 2010

THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER magazine Summer 2010 issue available

Hello, everyone! I am pleased to let you know that the digital edition of the Summer 2010 issue of The New Social Worker magazine is now ready to download. It is available, free of charge, in PDF format directly from The New Social Worker Web site.

To download the Summer 2010 issue, go to:

If the file opens in your Web browser, just click on "Save a Copy" or "File>Save Page as" and save the file to a location on your computer's hard drive.

If you have difficulty with the above link, here is another download link:


Articles from this issue are also available on our Web site ( http://www.socialworker.com/ ) in Web format.

I want to extend congratulations on behalf of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER to all new social work graduates!

I am very excited about this issue, because it addresses some very important ideas for all of us in social work, and especially for new graduates.

As social workers, we often help clients with their anxiety. We know that some anxiety can be detrimental to one’s health, but that sometimes anxiety can serve a useful purpose in people’s lives. And that includes our own! So, in this issue, we introduce the concept of New Social Worker Anxiety Syndrome (NSWAS), a term coined by Jonathan Singer and Claudia Dewane. We also answer some of your questions about the ASWB licensing exams in an interview with the ASWB executive director.

Here are some highlights from this issue:

• Student Role Model: Nanci Woodson

• Social Workers as Whistle Blowers

• Exploring the Uncharted: Creating a New Social Work Field Placement

• Treating New Social Worker Anxiety Syndrome

• An MSW’s Life (T.J.'s final column)

• The Importance of Closure

• Rewards and Challenges in Dialysis Social Work

• Paying Attention to the Small Things

• The Visit

• 10 Questions About the ASWB Exams

• SW 2.0: Profiles in Social Work and Technology: John McNutt, Ph.D.

...and lots more!

Please let your colleagues, classmates, and/or students know about THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER, and the fact that it is a FREE social work resource. Feel free to pass along the download links above, and let them know that they can subscribe free to receive notifications of future issues. If you have received this message as a forwarded message from a friend or colleague, you can subscribe at http://www.socialworker.com/home/menu/Subscribe/

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you!
Linda Grobman, MSW, ACSW, LSW, Publisher/Editor



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