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Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Days Until New Job

JUST AS I AM BEGINNING TO BREATHE A BIT MORE DEEPLY, I am preparing to begin my new career on Monday--in just three days! Many of my classmates are taking the month, the summer, and in one case--the rest of the year off before they start looking for jobs. I have to say I am a bit envious of those who are taking the rest of the month to replenish their spirits, and I am also excited to begin this new social work adventure.

It's always been my plan: apply at the child welfare agency, get the degree, get the job, and then begin the career. The dream has become a reality. That is both thrilling and scary at times.

So what have I been doing during my brief time off (which included exams, LMSW training, graduation, and guests)? I have kept the house tidy (a miracle); reorganized my clothing closets to get ready for work; caught up with laundry and financial stuff; sent off my application for the LMSW exam; begun my schedule to study for the LMSW; and begun writing thank you notes for all the wonderful gifts I received for graduation. I am watching movies and T. V., and reading Anne Quindlen's newest book, "Every Last One," in which there is a character who is a great therapist (so far).

Just thought I'd check in.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. I thought about you this past week!! My friends who are senior BSW students will be walking across the stage at Madison Square Gardens on Sunday to receive their diplomas. I am so proud of them and I am definitely proud of you. And look at you!!! Going to work right away!!! You go girl!!!  8-)

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me, BSW!  That would be so cool to walk at Madison Square Gardens.  Yes, right away I shall go! I am grateful and wishing for more time off, all at once!

    You rock!

    ~Ms. T. J.

  3. no days to your new job. You are currently immersed in your first day and I hope it is going very well indeed. Congratulations!!!!

  4. Great post!  I too just graduated and will be starting a new job in a week.  I am envious of those who are taking it easy.  It is scary to embark on a new chapter even if it is what you really want to do.  I wish you luck on your test, I passed mine in Feb and now I am studying for my Clinical part.  Looking forward to hearing how it is going for you.
    Good luck