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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Final Spring Break

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT: I am sick during spring break! My husband was really sick last week and despite all my preventive efforts, I am now down with a cold, too.

Is the universe trying to slow me down? Is it, like Carolyn says, normal for the body to hang on when you need it to, and let go when you don't? I am definitely paraphrasing and hopefully I got it right.

I have been doing a lot of sleeping, something I am certain I need. The house is so quiet and peaceful. I believe I need that, too. My energy level is so low, I can't muster up enough of it to do much of anything except, now and then, get on the computer, and lay in bed reading short stories by Dorothy Parker.

As I begin to feel better, I plan to finish my child welfare training, get a massage, have lunch with friends, and maybe take a short trip to a nearby island. Until then, I'll be laying low, drinking lots of fluids, and getting through it.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. Hi T.J.,
    Sorry to hear you & hubby are not feeling well.

    I thought it was a bit ironic that on today, World Social Work Day, you blogged that you are down with a cold!

    **A metaphor for "care for the caregiver" for sure!**  :o)

    Hope you are better fast!

    Your blog has helped to keep me inspired on my own journey towards an MSW (at the age of 45)!  You are a wonderful writer!  Please know you are appreciated!

  2. Dear 4-

    Such kind words on a day when I can use them--thank you.

    ~Ms. T. J.