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Monday, December 14, 2009

Notes While on Winter Break

I HAVE TO ADMIT that it's tempting to not blog while on break. But it's part of the experience, and since I've agreed to write about "all things graduate school", I would be remiss if I left out the down time.

So, it's weird being off. I find myself creating structure. When I received two electronic syllabi today, it felt sort of good to organize a few things for spring classes. Yep, I ordered two books, collected my texts that we will be using again, and previewed some of the first assignments. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Let's just call it a "school relapse."

What else have I been up to?
* Sleeping in.
* Decorating our home for Christmas.
* Baking sugar cookies, decorating them, and eating them.
* Reading fiction and watching movies.
* Meeting friends for luxuriously long coffee conversations.
* Hanging out with my husband.
* Going to (and hosting) holiday dinners and parties.

My life has been so structured for so long, and this is the first long break I've had where: a.) I am not working, and b.) I am not traveling home to see my family (which has inherent stressors of its own).

I hesitate to admit that I am struggling a little bit with the freedom. Don't get me wrong: I don't want it to end. A professor told us last semester that after graduation we'd have to adjust to our new lifestyles, and I guess this long break is a glimpse into my not-too-distant future (minus a job, of course).

I recently had a surge of joy when I realized I could watch TV or write Christmas letters without niggling thoughts of homework and reading assignments. Now that's a really strange, yet wonderful feeling.

I'm guessing that about the time I settle in to this break, it'll be time to pack the book bag for our final semester (wow; final semester has a delicious ring to it).

For now, I'll do my best to chill out and enjoy this rare recess from school, this holiday gift, called winter break.

~Ms. T. J.


  1. Its so true! I had a lingering feeling that I still had an assignment due for about 6months after graduation! LOL - enjoy these long breaks while you still get them!

  2. I want those cookies.   :)

    Take care and enjoy the break - you've earned it!

  3. Friday is my last assignment (Ethics in Social Work Presentation) for the semester.  I am so looking forward to making some sugar cookies too. 
    I have a long list of people to see and fun things to do.  So glad you are enjoying your break!

  4. Happy Holidays!!!! (And that can be taken in very many ways) ;)

  5. Thanks SocialWkr24/7! Do you ever have grad school dreams (nightmares)? I still occasionally dream about my undergrad math class. I can see the building and the room and everything! And I'm not ready for the exam!

  6. Thanks, Karen!
    I baked some more tonight for guests (I hope!)

  7. Thank you, Lavon!
    Enjoy your break, and your cookies!

  8. I am loving my winter break as well.  The sugar cookies were lots of fun. One of my daughters helped.  Good memories.  Back to School Jan. 12th.