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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Field Practicum; In Restrospect

My field instructor just called me.

Technically, she's my former field instructor since my last day of instruction was April 24. She said many kind words and told me, in a round-about way, how much she appreciated my work and that I was a very professional intern.

She shared that her co-worker had two interns who missed a lot of days due to excuses such as taking their dog to the vet, getting their hair done, and going to church. She told me that her reply to her co-worker was, "Oh, my intern student would never do that. She was on time, she did very good work, and she always showed up."

I missed a few days. And I was late on occasion. Sometimes I was so tired it was all I could do to get through the day.

I wasn't perfect. But in her eyes, I was exceptional.

My life lesson: I have to let it sink in that imperfection is really okay. And sometimes, when you give it all you've got, regardless of what that means on any given day -- it truly is noticed and appreciated.

--Ms. T. J.

(The photo above is my classmates and I "storming" our state capitol on Lobby Day.)


  1. How wonderful! It's nice to have someone go out of their way to let you know you have done well. Congratulations.

  2. That's great to hear. Well done!

  3. And it proves the point that half of the trick to life is just showing up.